Gym Project


Why is this needed?

  • The gym floor is currently in desperate need of repair. 

  • We want this to be an area that is safe for children and that aids in helping create fun and memorable camp experiences.

  • The floor we’re wanting to put in is much better suited for the types of games and activities we do with students in this area. 

  • We’re anticipating a much higher use of this facility in the coming months.

  • We’re increasing our Dunes sponsored programming, as well as our outreach to the local community and a sport court would be a useful addition to have completed for these events.


Current Floor

Eugene Christian School.jpg

Potential Floor

Is it worth the cost?

Yes!  We already have to spend a few thousand dollars every 3-5 years to repaint the gym and put an epoxy down.  We are long overdue and large areas of the floor are starting to chip.  There are also several raised cracks in the floor that painting does little to help with.  The new floor would fix all these issues and save us money in the long run, while also creating a much better surface for this area. 


Every $3 gets us another sports tile!

The current options we are considering would cost between $15,000-$35,000 to complete the floor and do some potential upgrades. The sport tiles are very durable and last for decades, eliminating the need to paint the entire floor every few years. If individual tiles ever get damaged they are easily replaced. A broken tile on this gym floor would likely take 10 minutes and cost $3 to replace. This project would also allow us to use a leveling agent on the cracks and raised areas of the floor, before covering it with a rubber underlayment, fixing the years of issues we have had with these trouble spots.

Why don’t you just raise your prices?

I’m glad you asked. There are several reasons. A large number of the students that attend our camps are from lower income situations.  The need varies, but we make great efforts to keep our camps affordable so these students can continue to come. Through the generous giving of individuals, local businesses and ministries we are also able to scholarship many of these campers. Our low costs allow us to maximize the number of students that can attend camp through these opportunities.


What is Dunes?

Dunes Bible Camp is a nonprofit Church Organization, literally owned by local churches from around the NW. The generous giving from these churches and individuals that we’ve received over the years has been a huge factor in helping us add activities and structures, including this gym.  These additions and upgrades over the years have allowed us to greatly expand our ministry.  This camp started with tents; we now have over 350 beds in indoor spaces. All these projects help us create more opportunities for students to hear the gospel.  Thank you for taking the time to read this as you consider partnering with us in ministry.