Verna S. Oller
Aquatic Trust Program

The Dunes Pool is excited to be partnering with the Verna S. Oller Aquatic Trust, to offer the gift of 8 swims per month to all local residents.

The Qualifying zip codes are:

98638 - Naselle
98614 - Chinook
98624 - Ilwaco
98631 - Long Beach
98644 - Seaview
98640 - Ocean Park
98641 - Oysterville
98637 - Nahcotta 

In order to participate, all swimmers must fill out a Qualified User Agreement form, Pool Waiver Agreement and provide proof of residency (i.e. Driver's License, utility bill, etc.).

*Every person 18 and older must complete their own form*

You can pick up these forms at the Dunes Pool,
or download them here: